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Exfoliating Foot Peels

Over time, dead skin begins to build up, causing your feet to feel rough and dry. For many, this can be an uncomfortable experience — that’s why it’s essential to be proactive. With Baby Foot’s exfoliating foot peels, your feet will feel softer than ever.

Baby Foot is similar to a chemical foot peel and serves as an exfoliator for your feet that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Each peel is made from a variety of different fruit acids and includes salicylic acid to leave the healthy skin undamaged while allowing the dead skin to peel away easily.

Shop the original Japanese foot peel below, plus check out some of our bundles that include our other foot care products like socks, smoothing gel, and more. Each treatment comes with two plastic booties, one for each foot, that should fit women’s size 13 or men’s size 14.